The moving suitcase was born from a true passion, a love for travelling and exporing. Seeing new things, meeting new people, getting lost in a city- that is what the moving suitcase is all about.

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The moving suitcase is not your typical travel blog. Whenever I travel I research (and by research I mean stay up till 4am reading every review, post, complaint, I can find) and there’s so much I want to know that I can’t find anywhere! This site has the answers to all the questions I had before I visited a place, plus my personal travel experiences and advice.

Whether it’s the most insta-worthy spot to visit, the ultimate foodie go-to, the adrenaline junkie must-do’s or simply the best place to sit and have a glass (or bottle) of local wine, the moving suitcase is the go to guide for all your travel must-knows

And remeber anytjhing you want to know....just ask!! That’s what the moving suitcase it for, to make travelling the best experience possible.