What should I do if my lights go out?
–Check to see if any circuit breakers are tripped or if any fuse or the light bulb has blown and replace if necessary.
Why do my lights flicker in my house?
–Central air conditioners or heat pumps may cause a noticeable dimming of the lights when they start up. Lights may flicker or dim on start up of some appliances (eg dryer) or motor driven equipment. Check with your local power company for possible defects in the supply source.
What are your payment terms?
–Your invoice will be payable by the 20th of the month following the completion of the work.
How long have you been in business?
–Martin Electrical was founded 22 years ago.
Are your electricians qualified and registered?
–Yes our electricians are either fully qualified and New Zealand registered or are apprentices.
Do you do insurance work?
–We will undertake various kinds of insurance work or insurance restoration work but payment is due from the home owner who should then recover it from their insurance company.
How much do quotes and estimates cost?
–Our quotes and estimates are free.