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Beauty Treatments

At Martin Beauty we offer a wide variety of beauty treatments from eye brow and lash treatments, spa and body polishes, hand and feet treatments included the amazing boutique manicure & pedicure.

Facial Treatments

Each boutique facial will be tailored to your specific skin and type of concers leaing no skin feeling untouched. A fresh and enveloping mask that invites the active ingredients to infuse the skin leaving it feeling soft and supple. Great for dehydrated skin and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. The face will be lighter and brighter, more hydrated and plump.


At Martin Beauty we offer several enjoyable relaxing massages which helps you relax, unwind and be transported to another dimension with the hot stone massage , swedish, deep tissue, sports and prenatal massages. Your journey will begin wtih warm, organic coconut oil being drizzlrd onto your body, this combines relaxation massage witht eh benefits of a treatment that delivers mositure and rejuvenates tired and dry skin.

Tanning Treatments

At Martin Beauty we specilise in giving you a perfect sun kissed glowing tan. Only using the highest quaility tanning sprays, your tan can be specialised to your tanning needs.

Waxing Treatments

At Martin Beauty all waxing treatments are peformed using only the highest quality wax. We refuse to use recycled wax. Treatments include a skin smoothing cream and the use of soothing hot towels. Choose from our range of waxing treatments today to keep you skin clean and smooth.