Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It is the fourteenth-largest city in the European Union. It is also the historical capital of Bohemia. In the 14th century, during the era of King Charles the 4th, the city’s glorious expansion started turning it into one of the most beautiful cities. With its narrow streets and historical buildings at every turn you can truly get lost in all of the wonders Prague has to offer.

During centuries the beauty of Prague and it’s mysterious atmosphere has experienced many big philosophers, influential politicians and leading personalities from the World scene. The magical corners have created majestic people such as the world known painter Alfons Mucha, writer and dramatic Franz Kafka or the first democratic president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel.

Prague is bisected by the Vltava River. Nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires,” it's known for its Old Town Square, the heart of its historic core, with colourful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock, with a popular show, majestic Prague Castle and pedestrian Charles Bridge which is lined with 30 statues of saints.

Besides all the sights that are just a footstep away from the Apartment here is some tips from us for places where we like to go eat, have a coffee or just enjoy some evening drinks:


U Medvídků $$

The history of the restaurant "U medvídků" dates back to 1466. In the past century the original brewery was converted into the first Prague cabaret and also into the one of the biggest beerhall in Prague.

Address: Na Perštýně 345/7, 110 00 Praha 1

U Dvou Koček $

U Dvou Kočekis a restaurant serving authentic Czech food since 1678. Located in the city centre it is only a short walk from the apartment where you can find an accordion playing every evening creating a fun, warm atmosphere.

Address: Uhelný trh 415/10, 110 00  Praha 1

U Vejvodů $$

This restaurant is famous not only for its typical Czech atmosphere in the style of an old Czech pub but also their "Pilsner" excellent quality tank beer and traditional Czech and international cuisine. Here you can experience a nice environment of a newly done traditional restaurant.

Address: Jilská 4, 110 00 Praha 1

Brasileiro  $$$

Rodizio is a way of serving meat whereby the”passadores de carne“ slice the meat off the skewers directly onto your plate. Choosing either the “cold menu” or the “hot”, which is a combination of the meats and the cold buffet, you will leave with your stomach full and a smile on
your face. This is an unique experience and one for the food and wine lovers.

Address: U Radnice 8/13, 110 00 Prague 1

Kogo  $$$

A fine dining experience awaits you when you step inside Kogo. At first it looks like two restaurants next to each other but you soon discover it is all one restaurant and you’ll soon find out its a place with the feeling and flavour of a divine ristorante in Tuscany. You’ll be treated to outstanding Italian cuisine. We recommend Kogo for those seeking a rememberable culinary experience, conveniently its right behind the apartment.

Address: Havelská 499/27, 110 00 Praha 1


Café Louvre $$

Just above the Rock Cafe in a historical building can be found Cafe Louvre which has been the favourite meeting spot for poets, writers and musicians since the 19th century. To this day it is still proving the great service from waitresses wearing old fashioned uniforms and a bubbly, happening atmosphere. From the early morning you can pop in for a nice Czech breakfast and enjoy delicious little bites throughout the whole day. You can find yourself enjoying a game of  billiards and in summer enjoying the sunlight in the terrace.

Address: Národní 22, 110 00 Praha 1

Café Slavia $$$

Café Slavia is a traditional cafe in the historical centre of Prague that offers Czech and international cuisine. Everyday between 17.00—23.00 you can view the live performance from a professional piano player. The coffee is set right across from the national theatre on the river bank, especially in the late evening hours it offers wonderful views of Prague.

Address: Smetanovo nábřeží 1012/2, 110 00

Café Café $$

Café Café is a beautiful spot to get a coffee and some delicious cakes and sweets. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner inside a beautiful decorated building. This is a spot loved by many, where you may be sitting next to a famous Czech. If you want a to experience an afternoon coffee and lunch in style we recommend checking Café Café, you will definitely enjoy everything they have to offer.

Address: Rytířská 10, 110 00 Praha 1

Mistral Cafe $

Mistral Cafe is just couple minutes away and is a new small bistro-coffee place that we love. It creates a great atmosphere for meetings, breakfasts or afternoon coffee n cakes. They also have a great variety of wines and tapas/ Friendly staff and prices, highly recommended.

Address: Valentinská 11/56, 110 00 Praha 1


Rock Café  $

The oldest rock club in Prague, Rock Café always provides great music and atmosphere. If you enjoy live performances you can always catch a great band playing here. Rock Cafe is supporting new young musicians as well as local known bands. A perfect place to head to for some drinks, good priced beer as well as all the classic spirits! It is a very short walk from the apartment and definitely a favourite spot for the locals.

Address: Národní 116/20, 110 00 Praha 1

Hard Rock Cafe $$

Hard Rock Cafe Prague, one of Europe's largest Hard Rock Cafes, is situated in the four-story V. J. Rott building, which features a beautifully decorated neo-Renaissance façade with colorful frescos. The 1,900-square-meter cafe is spread across three levels and a basement, and includes three vibrant bars, a Rock Shop, and a unique compilation of memorabilia from Hard Rock’s world-famous collection and a restaurant.

Address: Malé Náměstí 3, Praha 1, 110 00

PopoCafePetl $

Popo Cafe Petl is the place to be if you want to have a fun night with your friends. It is a basement bar with a dance floor filled with young people from all around the world. The music is great and the shot called 'Chupito' is a must.

Address: Michalská 15, 110 00, Praha 1

Roxy $$

Roxy is a big music club where are either gigs or DJ events. Every monday there is a free entry but dont go before 10pm. On weekends there can be an event presenting some big and famous artists. For such events you should purchase tickets in advance.

Address: Dlouhá 33, Praha 1, 110 00